Part 4 of our Custom Built Computer

Custom Built Computer which we have named Hercules: Conclusion and thoughts.

Now you have seen the critical components of what’s inside our clients custom built computer you should have a good idea of the planning and quality this build is. There are more parts and numerous software goodies that came with the motherboard and Graphics Card but we’ll save that for another article.

Our client has been using the computer for over two weeks now and is absolutely thrilled with it’s performance, although it has to be said the client was more impressed with the fact their IPhone could connect to the computer via Bluetooth tut!!

We have provided the client with exactly what they asked for plus a few additional features they were not expecting, the storage space should last a good few years to come and the upgradability of the computer is second to none.

See some pictures of the finished product


Hercules our Custom Product

Inside Hercules

Thermaltake CPU Cooler

Front of Hercules

Blue Ray, DVD Writer and removable HDD’s

Very little cables obstructing airflow

Particular attention paid to airflow for cooling.

Back of the Cosmos II

View of the back of Hercules

Cooling fans control panel

Easy access control panel for cooling fans and USB ports

Hercules HDD Bays

Notice the HDD bays behind the bottom right two fans.

Total cost for Hercules the custom built computer was nearly £3,300 so it’s not your usual desktop computer. The total weight of the computer when we finished was nearly 90ibs and took two people to lift it in to it’s new home. This kind of computer we built for our client is usually used for serious gamers who play high end games but we adapted it to the clients needs. It was a really good interesting project something if we are ever approached with again we would certainly relish the challenge.

Some pictures of the computer in the studio of our client:

Hercules working on location

The final product in it’s working environment.

Hercules in the studio

Here you can see Hercules working hard in the studio.

Video of our Custom build

So I hope you enjoyed our article and come to read our latest article on the smallest computer we have fitted which is the size of a small CD case. Click here


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