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Do I need a Small Business Server ?

Thinking about a Small Business  Server for your Business?Do I need a Small Business Server

This is a question I get asked allot by clients and I always fire the question back by asking them what do they want it to do? A Small Business Server solution requires an initial investment so it’s important to consider all the factors, a Server especially with the latest Microsoft Server Operating systems can improve the efficiency of an office environment by 100% and in the long term will save you money and time. Windows small business server 2011 and Windows small business essentials are the latest flavours of Microsoft’s operating systems and both have been designed for small to medium size businesses.

Some of the features they provide are in house managed email, file sharing, the ability to work away from the office, printer sharing, an intranet (website for internal office use to share information, calendars and contacts) backups and enhanced security. If you have more than 10 – 15 staff then you should seriously consider a Small Business Server, if you have 2 – 10 staff then a server can still be very beneficial, it may surprise you to know that I have clients with only 2 staff that couldn’t operate without a server. As I have mentioned you need to think about what the servers job will be and the options it will provide should your business expand.

The cost of implementing a Small Business Server as a rough guide can cost anywhere between £2,500 – £20,000+ other things you have to consider are the extra hardware you need to protect your data and server, for instance you will need a UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) Backup media (External that can be taken of the property) and a backup procedure.

However if you have more than 75 users on your network then Small Business Server will not be the solution for you as Microsoft Small Business Server only supports 75 users. The solution to this would be to implement Windows Server 2008 r2 which allows for more than 75 users. Windows Server 2008 r2 is limited in it’s features compared to Small Business Server. However Server 2008 is a very powerful tool designed for larger companies that require heavy automated features.

Of course this is just a very quick guide and the topic of Servers can be very complicated to the average user but I hope this article will give you an idea of the infrastructure you may need.

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Refurbished or New Computers?

There are a mass of companies providing refurbished computers to businesses and if you get it right and spend the time doing your research you can grab yourself a high specification computer that will last you many years to come for a cheap price. On the other hand if you get it wrong which happens to so many companies it can cost you double the price of a new computer, legal prosecution and possibly the loss of your data.

It is often misunderstood that the average office computer needs to be all singing and dancing, yes this maybe true but it depends on what you use the computer for and how your company will need to adapt if the computers role changes.

The average office computer in it’s life time will ever only browse the Internet and use Microsoft Office that’s it, it will quite happily do it’s job for many years as long as it is maintained and looked after. For this purpose a refurbished computer would be of benefit and less cost than a new one, however a few things you should consider. Continue reading