Common Faults with Laptops

Common Faults with Laptops

If you like many people have become dependant on your laptop for work, school or play you will know how irritating it is to have you laptop go faulty because of either wear and tear or accidental damage. Laptops have become very popular for the simple reason that you can carry them around with you.

The main components of a laptop are the LCD display, random access memory (RAM), battery, keyboard, and hard drive. Other than the LCD display, the other parts of a laptop can easily be replaced.

Common Laptop Hardware Problems

Here is a list of common problems laptop users experience:

  • Broken case as a result of a drop
  • Laptop Overheating – The production of heat can be the cause of computer shutting down unexpectedly.  Some laptops automatically shutdown when excessive heat is generated to protect the computer.  May also be related to a fan failure.
  • Damaged LCD screen or does not display the image properly – The screen may look distorted or some of the pixels may not display properly indicating damaged pixels.
  • Failure of the backlight – a faint image on the LCD screen is a key clue
  • Sticky or broken keys on the keyboard – spilled beverages
  • Loose or broken LCD hinge
  • Damaged USB ports – improper insertion of USB devices into the port is the major source of damage
  • Hard Drive failure – malfunction are usually caused by vibration and shock associated with the portable nature of how laptops are used

Laptop Repair Solutions

Many of the problems listed above can be repaired for less than the cost of a new laptop! If you are handy, replacing a keyboard, a hard drive or adding memory to a laptop is not difficult. If you don’t feel comfortable performing these tasks, then we can help with the repairs / upgrade at reasonable prices but stay away from retail stores because guess what … they will try to sell you a new laptop.

Recent Laptop repairs that we have completed:

Below you can see a laptop that experienced problems with constantly shutting down without warning, this is a sure sign that it is overheating and can be caused by the cooling fan being faulty or blocked. In this case the fan was blocked with dust which was preventing air flow to cool the processor.

In the next pictures below you can see a laptop that had Coca Cola spilt on the Laptop Keyboard, this caused the input key to be very sticky and in most cases unusable. Fortunately it did not go any further than the keyboard and was a simple case of replacing the keyboard. You will notice that the screen has been removed also this is because we replaced the screen at the same time and although the owner never said we believe a temper tantrum was performed on the screen as a consequence of the Coca Cola spillage. :)

Transfer of OEM Licenses

OEM Licenses and what you can do.OEM License

Over the last 6 to 8 months as my clients have been moving away from Windows XP to Windows 7 or upgrading their computers one question keeps being asked over and over again “can I transfer the operating system to another computer to save money” The answer is yes and no you can transfer it if you purchased a retail copy or you have some kind of volume licence however when you enter the realm of OEM licenses it’s a totally different ball game and the following explanation below has been taken directly from the Microsoft Website.

The End User Software License Terms is granted to the end user by you, the system builder. It is related to the OEM System Builder License for the PC on which it was originally installed. You are required to support the license on that original PC, but you cannot support a license that has been moved from a PC that you manufactured to one that you did not. This is one of the key reasons an OEM System Builder License can’t be transferred. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

PC Transfer to Another End User

The entire PC, however, may be transferred to another end user, along with the software license rights. When transferring the PC to the new end user, the following must be included:

  • Original software media
  • Manuals (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

It is also advisable to include the original purchase invoice or receipt. The original end user cannot keep any copies of the software.

Can I justify an upgrade?

The answer is yes, but that’s easy for me to say because I am a techy geek and know exactly what can and can not be recycled or cannibalised from the old computer. Basically as long as you have a computer case that can facilitate the new hardware then you can upgrade anything in the computer, however it is always wise to seek advice before spending your hard earned money.

Its really a balancing act and you have to take into account how much the upgrade will cost and how much longer the life of the computer can be increased in comparison to a new computer.

Often in most cases you can give your computer a face-lift and recharge it’s batteries so to speak by just upgrading the memory it can be as simple as that, however you can change the motherboard, memory and CPU to give it a new lease of life and increase the speed.

Of course there are other factors to consider like making sure your existing hardware is compatible with the new and it’s wise to do your research but that said you can save as much as £200. The rule of thumb is to do your homework research all the alternatives, make sure you do not have incompatibility issues and of course consider the impact a major hardware upgrade will have on your operating system. However if an upgrade is done correctly and you have backed up your files, then your bank balance will be £200 higher.


Refurbished or New Computers?

There are a mass of companies providing refurbished computers to businesses and if you get it right and spend the time doing your research you can grab yourself a high specification computer that will last you many years to come for a cheap price. On the other hand if you get it wrong which happens to so many companies it can cost you double the price of a new computer, legal prosecution and possibly the loss of your data.

It is often misunderstood that the average office computer needs to be all singing and dancing, yes this maybe true but it depends on what you use the computer for and how your company will need to adapt if the computers role changes.

The average office computer in it’s life time will ever only browse the Internet and use Microsoft Office that’s it, it will quite happily do it’s job for many years as long as it is maintained and looked after. For this purpose a refurbished computer would be of benefit and less cost than a new one, however a few things you should consider. Continue reading